Fusion Series

  • Automatically switches on to the battery
  • Low running cost
  • Compliant with pollution control norms
  • High surge handling capability
  • Controls voltage & frequency
  • Loads (3-phase)

Required Battery:



Within 48hrs after payment

The Su-kam DSP inverter – Colossal series (3-phase) have an RS-232 interface for the Power Manager. This user-friendly communication Software controls and monitors inverter performance and programs inverter commands. Easy-to-use software, it is based on the RS22 world standard for interfacing Digital Signal Processor with computers.

The Power Manager allows you to program all the commands to be performed by it automatically. This software is very useful communication systems including Satellite systems, Telecom BTS sites, Air Traffic Control Systems, Internet Nodes, Bank ATM and any other application requiring maximum reliability and availability of high quality power such as computer labs, offices, biomedical instruments, telecommunication systems and industrial establishments. It ensures high risk applications. Once the inverter is installed, the end-user need not worry about interruption, low battery level or any other damage, which would have occurred otherwise.

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